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Selecting an Attorney

February 23, 2016


Attorney Representation (WHEN to seek representation and HOW to find a good Attorney)


If your issues are complex and/or there is a lot of conflict between the parties, it is always best to speak with an Attorney.


All Attorneys are not equal and finding a good one often feels like your navigating a mine field. It is always best to do your homework: talk to people who have worked with or retained the Attorney and check reviews online (look at all of them and see how old the most recent review is). 


Contact the Attorneys office and schedule a consult. If there is a consult fee, it should be $50 to $100 and is not a reflection on the office, rather a small fee for the time an Attorney is spending to discuss your issues. Pay attention to how the staff treats you, if they are not professional and welcoming then you have an idea of how you will be treated.


During your consult be calm and clear, have list of what your BIGGEST ISSUES are. This will assist the Attorney in identifying what casework you will need and accurately quoting a retainer fee. Be sure to ask questions and ascertain that the Attorney has a good understanding of the law surrounding your issues or is willing to research the issue.  If the Attorney quotes you a seriously low price, it is more than likely an attempt to retain you, and will most likely cost a lot more in the near future. An Attorney that gives you an honest and straight forward idea of what your case needs and how much it will cost is worth their weight in gold.  I have added a couple excellent attorneys (see main page on this website). 


Next month I will talk about communicating with your Attorney's office in a productive and cost effective manner. 


Thanks for reading!!

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